Intelligent field service automation platform

Prateek Chakravarty


Andrew Wolf

Chief Product Officer and Co-founder


Zinier’s low-code field service automation platform empowers field service organizations with the combined power of humans and technology to keep our world up and running. Powered by AI, Zinier transforms how teams coordinate and execute work, so they can solve problems faster, fix things before they break, and maintain an agile infrastructure that evolves with their needs. Enterprises around the world use Zinier to reach their full potential, delivering always-on service, while future-proofing for the unexpected.

Zinier’s end-to-end solution, Field Service Elements, is powered by ISAC (Intelligent Service Automation and Control) and uses artificial intelligence, proactive insights, and an intuitive, all-in-one mobile experience to supercharge every aspect of an organization’s field service operations, from the back office all the way to the field. 


With ISAC, Zinier offers:

  • A Flexible, Configurable Platform: Unlike legacy solutions that can take months to update, ISAC was designed with flexibility and scalability in mind. Instead of being limited to a few use cases, customers can easily configure the features to apply AI to their operations by defining criteria and letting ISAC evaluate data accordingly.


  • Real-Time AI Recommendations: ISAC is constantly running in the background, observing user actions and providing recommendations. In some cases, ISAC will immediately implement a recommendation once it has been accepted by the user. In other cases, it will suggest a course of action for a back-office coordinator or field technician.


  • Seamless Integrations: Organizations can easily connect all of their critical systems using Zinier’s set of APIs and integrations, ensuring that all relevant information is factored into each recommendation and insight.


Zinier is headquartered in Silicon Valley with teams in Latin America, Asia and Europe

Our investment in Zinier, AI-Driven Automation for Modern Enterprise
(extract from Henri Deshays' Medium post - July 2019)

When we first met Zinier co-founders Arka and Andrew, they were fresh off building Lift12, a data-driven platform for lifestyle brands. Using data to influence design might have been anathema to fashion purists, but it worked. The company was able to provide real-time, localized recommendations on everything from the latest trends to what inventory they should stock.

Unfortunately, ground execution was a persistent challenge. No matter how prescriptive the recommendation, retailers struggled to implement them at scale. There were too many local channels to navigate, storefronts to mobilize, and slow-moving internal processes to overcome.

The experience was a light-bulb moment for Arka and Andrew. Most of the problems plaguing these companies, from a lack of real-time data to an over-reliance on people at every step of the service delivery chain, could be solved with better field service management solutions. Or rather, by automating as many processes as possible.

Full post here.


Newfund Investor: Henri Deshays