A growth mindset

Newfund is an entrepreneurial VC firm dedicated to financing seed-stage startups that are driving global change. It comes with principles.

Nikola Tesla

Pioneer in alternating current


We are constantly looking for founders obsessed with realizing a vision that will have a major impact on the world we live in. We seek to understand entrepreneurs as individuals, appreciate what they are building and play to their strengths. Greatness comes in all forms.


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Stephanie Kwolek

First CTO & designer of Kevlar

Investment Thesis

We are a first check fund, so we are often the first institutional capital. We begin by writing $250k to $2M checks in pre-seed and seed rounds and can follow on in subsequent rounds.

We look for founders with global ambition and skin in the game. Similarly, our GPs are the main investors in our own funds. We play the same game as our founders.

We move fast and constantly aim to streamline our investment process to increase velocity. The less time you spend raising, the more you can dedicate to building. This is what creates value for everyone.

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Alan Turing

Brilliant mathematician, inventor of the computer, pioneer of artificial intelligence


Newfund’s mission is to help exceptional entrepreneurs get stronger. This means we work alongside the founders to uncover the best tools and opportunities to perfect product-market fit and achieve hyper-growth.

We do this by being active partners in sync with our founders’ ambitions. Newfund provides access to its in-house operating team, unique cross-border ecosystem, and comprehensive tech platform, enabling meaningful insights for improving product, business, and talent.


Lumière Brothers

First entrepreneurs in the film industry


We communicate with candor and push where we see untapped potential. This goes both ways between ourselves and our founders. Honest feedback allows us all to move forward rapidly.

We fight alongside the entrepreneur to take their company to the next level. Your success is our obsession.

We’ve been in your shoes and can empathize with how it feels to lose a customer or to make hard decisions.

We don’t pretend to be what we’re not. We are people backing people.

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Caresse Crosby

First founder of a bra company


We believe in the power of the Growth Mindset. Dr. Carol Dweck of Stanford University has been studying people’s mindsets towards learning for decades. She has found that most people adhere to one of two mindsets: fixed or growth.

Fixed mindsets mistakenly believe that people are either smart or not, that intelligence is fixed by genes. People with growth mindsets correctly believe that capability and intelligence can be grown through effort, struggle and failure. Dweck found that those with a growth mindset embraced challenges, and understood that tenacity and effort could change their outcomes. Learning is everything.


Gustave Eiffel

First entrepreneur in metallic architecture

One more thing

We are optimistic. Truly.

We believe that a better world is to come because entrepreneurs will collectively find solutions. They always do.

We think of Nikola Tesla, Louis Pasteur, the Wright Brothers, Steve Jobs, Elon Musk. At some point they were the underdogs trying to fix a great problem. At some point, their vision came to realization. They changed the world. Our job is to find the people who are next.

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