Smart Customer Satisfaction Management

Timothée de Laitre

Founder & CEO

As a company, if you never have access to what your customers think about the experience and products you offer, it's a big hurdle!

Timothée de Laitre has decided to remedy this. With two partners, he created WizVille 6 years ago, an all-in-one customer feedback management platform, allowing companies to measure, analyze and increase customer satisfaction in real time and on all the experiences offered. 

Wizwille's key features 

  1. Collection and analysis of customer satisfaction. Interaction with dissatisfied customers through integrated tools.
  2. Feature customer feedback through a separate platform, Trustville, accessible directly via the client's website. It constitutes a trusted third party between consumers seeking authentic and verified opinions and companies wishing to disseminate them. 
  3. Aggregation of all ratings given on a brand on the most popular public customer review sites, such as Trip Advisor, Google Maps and Facebook. 
  4. Targeted ad hoc surveys, in order to give the brand the keys to better understand its customers and catch up with them if they were about to go into competition.


According to a recent study, 70% of dissatisfied customers after a negative experience are willing to give the brand a chance again, if the brand has taken an interest in the problem and solved it.

The solution has convinced 40+ major retailers in the physical retail and online commerce such as Etam, TOTAL, 1.2 3, Celio, Jardiland, Gamm Vert, Laforêt Immobilier... 

Experience shows that 20% of customers surveyed by WizVille give their opinion. A very good rate, according to Timothée de Laitre, which is explained by the growing demand from customers to be surveyed, as an extension of the purchase. That is where WizVille name comes from: citizens participate in the life of the city by voting, it is by giving their opinion that customers act on the life of the company...

The company has been profitable since 2015.

WizVille is mobilizing to help companies bounce back from the lockdown

Safe Place to Shop is a solidarity initiative launched by WizVille to reassure consumers about the antiVID19 measures and get them to return to the point of sale.




Newfund Investor: Anne-Sophie Nedellec