Fully automate the security questionnaires response process, with state-of-the-art AI

Udi_Cohen_Vendict (1).jpeg
Udi Cohen

CEO / Co-founder

Michael_Keslassy_Vendict (1).jpeg
Michael Keslassy

CTO / Co-Founder

Vendict is a compliance automation tool allowing businesses to fill in security and IT questionnaires instantly based on proprietary AI and NLP engines.

As software becomes increasingly cloud-based in all industries, companies require stronger internal and external compliance programs. On average, every time compliance forms need to be completed, no less than 6 different departments need to be solicited, creating inefficient and expensive processes. As a result, 65% of software vendors mention compliance as a growth barrier. For context, Salesforce employs 70+ people focused solely on answering compliance from potential clients or updating the forms from existing clients.

Vendict has built an engine to automatically answer compliance questionnaires sent by potential clients to software vendors, allowing the latter to complete these forms instantly. These questionnaires are just one piece of the compliance puzzle but they are the first one and the most complex. Vendict has also built a knowledge database module to search specific questions.


Newfund investor : Pierre-Jean Cobut