Automotive powertrain testing

Stéphane Olevier

Founder & CEO

Created in 2012 by automotive development experts, V-Motech develops engine performance test solutions that break with traditional tools. Its unique range of products and methodologies enables it to offer its customers the full range of engine test conditions at unrivalled cost and flexibility.

Based in Paris and with a branch in Shanghai, V-Motech is an expert in mechanics, electronics and embedded systems. It offers unique measurement and analysis solutions for automotive research and development in Europe and Asia. The French startup provides development tools for engine tests, powertrain (GMP) and new vehicles.

The company thus asserts itself as a reliable partner, from the conception to the development of the project. Thanks to its motivated experts and ambitious projects, it is a key player in the development of tomorrow's more environmentally friendly engines.


Main current customers:

Renault-Nissan, PSA, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA), Porsche, Geely, Hyundai, Toyota, Delphi, Valeo, Aixam…


Test solutions and core businesses:

  • V-Road: First mobile altimetric and climatic roller test bench
  • V-Clim: Climate cell to simulate extreme conditions
  • RDEasy: Competence centre dedicated to emissions measurement and analysis
  • Specific solutions for electric vehicles
  • Powertain ETS: avant-garde solution to optimize tests
  • Consulting: Competence centre dedicated to emissions measurement and analysis


In total, more than 100 people can meet all the powertrain testing needs of automotive manufacturers and OEMs in Europe and Asia.


V-Motech was acquired by Rotronics in 2021.