The first cartographic prospecting tool for real estate professionals

Mickael Canu

Co-founder & CEO

Valentin Pearsman

Co-founder & CEO

The recurring problem for all real estate professionals is finding raw materials (land, properties for sale, renovation, etc.). Land is becoming increasingly scarce, there are more and more actors and the mass of information is complex and difficult to gather with more than 10 million real estate ads online, and urban planning documents sometimes impossible to find.

Created in 2018 by Valentin Peersman and Mickael Canu, Urbanease offers Saas web and mobile tools that aggregate and exploit scattered real estate data. These solutions allow professionals to have access on the same platform to all the real estate listings available in France, to more than 9,000 Local Urban Planning Plans (PLU and PLUi), to tax information, to summary property sheets, to environmental zoning and to all the information available on real estate listing sites necessary to identify a real estate transaction opportunity.

The offer is aimed in particular at developers, real estate agents, builders of individual houses, but also at real estate agencies or individuals looking for a land investment. The company has already convinced more than 150 customers of the value of its solution, including the Nestenn Franchise, Bouygues Immobilier subsidiaries, Sagec, ORPI networks and Maisons Aquitaine. Sales tripled in 2020 compared to 2019.

Newfund Investor: Agathe Descamps