The plant-based meat revolution

Tristan Maurel

Co-founder & CEO

Clémence Pedraza

Co-founder & CPO

Martin Habfast

Co-founder & Head of Sales

The food revolution is underway 
For a few years, meat has been the focus of criticism for not being a sustainable food. Alternative solutions to meat production have appeared with, in particular, the arrival of American players such as Beyond Meat or Impossible Burger who have democratized vegan steaks and chicken nuggets based on vegetable proteins.

Nevertheless, it is important to know that these new entrants all use the same technology, extrusion. This technology allows the creation of meat substitutes, but it also has its limits: first of all the ultra-processing with the refining of proteins and the important energy consumption.

Umiami has developed its own technology

It produces vegetable meat without using extrusion. Through a series of mechanical steps and temperature changes, Umiami transforms seeds (e.g. peas) into whole pieces of meat substitute (chicken and beef) or fish substitute (e.g. cod).

The start-up has developed Clean Label certified processes, i.e. without additives, allergens or industrial flavors. In blind tests, 90% of participants could not tell the difference between chicken and vegetable nuggets.

A B2B market

Umiami is primarily targeting the B2B market: the start-up wants to become the supplier of choice for all plant-based meat players who offer the best products or a wider range to their customers. It also envisages food design partnerships, where the commercial brand would give its specifications and Umiami would take care of the engineering.
Why Umiami? 

Umiami brings together three talented founders with a fresh vision of the market: Tristan Maurel (Essec, CentraleSupélec), Martin Habfast (HEC) and Hugo Dupuis (AgroParisTech). Their vision and the quality of their prototypes have convinced the first clients, who are eager to move forward with the start-up once it can go to industrial scale, a step planned for the end of the year.


Newfund Investor: Pierre-Jean Cobut