Touch Sensity

The innovative technology of sensitive and connected materials

Medhi El Hafed

Co-founder & CEO

Anna Pugach

Co-founder & CTO

Created in December 2019 by Anna Pugach and Mehdi El Hafed, Touch Sensity offers a revolutionary technology that makes objects and materials sensitive to physical interactions without using sensors, which are always difficult to integrate. The entire surface, whether solid, flexible or even liquid, is used as the measuring instrument. Coupled with artificial intelligence, the system locates and models in real time all the physical interactions carried out on the material: pressure, deformation or extension! It is then possible to associate the data obtained with the environment, to transform the material into a sensitive surface or to control external systems thanks to these same interactions.

The potential applications of Touch Tech are numerous in the aeronautics and space industry as well as in the fields of transportation and maintenance. At this stage of development, the company is supported by Airbus Développement and has already signed one Proof of Concept (POC) with ArianeGroup, for their reusable rocket launcher program. Today, Touch Sensity is in discussion with a number of manufacturers, including Dassault Aviation and PSA.

The start-up wants to rapidly expand in France and internationally to become the reference solution for data capture and analysis for the aerospace and transportation industries.

Newfund Investor: Agathe Descamps