Feedback on student engagement

Jamie Poskin

Co-founder & CEO

Berk Coker

Co-founder & CTO

As the work of Professor Rachel Lotan from Stanford has demonstrated, those who participate more, learn more. But how does engagement work when the class is split up with some or all of the students who work from home?

TeachFX's premise is simple: teachers want yet lack objective and immediate feedback to perfect their craft. Providing teachers with analytics on speak time and insights to improve interaction was the first step. It proved to be the MVP, enhancing and often replacing instructional coaches.

When Covid hit, both engagement and sales dropped for one month. Since mid-April 2020 however, TeachFX has dramatically accelerated. It turns out that, when teaching was remote for some months, teachers were literally left to their own device. After scrambling to provide some type of school continuity with classrooms being closed, school districts are looking for ways to measure and improve the new normal of remote teaching

Since inception, Jamie Poskin and Berk Coker, the founders of TeachFX  had their eyes on a world where each student would have her own device, and the vision that the insights they provide would not solely be on the teacher / students interaction but on the engagement of each student. The lockdown has accelerated history. Whereas schools are now getting ready for an hybrid format of remote / on-site form of teaching, TeachFX is accelerating its development to provide insights at the device, and therefore student levelThe solution is already available for classes on Zoom.

From the CEO Jamie Poskin: "In this unfamiliar environment, teachers are often defaulting to their worst habits -- lots of lecturing and presenting content, and very little questioning or discussion. Through some simple technical integrations, TeachFX is helping teachers overcome these challenges by providing feedback to teachers on their online classes. We're also debating whether to develop some exciting features specifically for online platforms that would provide even more detailed and interesting metrics for teachers, such as the individual student participation data, e.g. 'Brian talked for 11 minutes this week, Lidibeth for 7 minutes, and Kareem for 4 minutes."

The company is based in Menlo Park, CA.





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