On-demand data science for healthcare problems
Jesse Paquette - Co-founder Tag.bio
Jesse Paquette
Tom Covington - Co-founder Tag.bio
Tom Covington

It is a rare tool in the healthcare, which should revolutionize the medical field. No more waiting weeks for expert analysis!

Tag.Bio not only makes it possible in a few seconds to specify the treatment best suited to a patient, but it also reduces the cost of care at the same time.

The platform offers hospitals and biotech companies that use it the ability to quickly analyze all patient data and define correlations between pathologies, genetics and treatments.

The UCSF Medical Center, one of the top five medical centers in the United States, used Tag.Bio to examine a group of cardiac patients. Within minutes, it became clear that there was a subset of patients also suffering from kidney problems. Thanks to this information, doctors were able to quickly implement better targeted treatments and, in fact, reduce the time and cost of these treatments.