Behavioural prediction for e-commerce

Machavia Pichet


Stormize offered a SaaS AI allowing digital merchants to increase their sales by optimizing their merchandising.

The tool allowed them to modify in real time the showcasing of the products in their stores based on algorithms tracking and processing visitors data such as their browsing pattern. In concrete terms, Stormize developed AI algorithms that can predict in real time the behavior of each visitor on an e-commerce site.

This prediction was made through three buckets in which visitors are placed: "intentional", "undecided", and "abandoned".

Stormize calculated the visitor's intentions (buy, revisit, abandon, renew) and injected this highly qualified data into one's usual marketing tools to optimize all campaigns, as well as the user experience and maximize ROI.

The product did not find its market, though, and the company was eventually liquidated.

The company was based in Paris.