The fashion social commerce app

Nicole Kobilansky

Co-founder & CEO

Tak Fung

Co-founder & CTO

Nicole Kobilansky was managing the Design team of GoogleX when she caught up with her former colleague Tak Fung, Unlike most Silicon Valley conversations, they started talking about fashion, more specifically Nicole's goal of digitalizing her clothes collection. The purpose was not just knowing what she owns or what to wear, but also what were the items she had not worn for a while, would it make sense to sell it and if so how much was it worth on secondhand marketplaces. The friction of the current solutions where she had to take a picture of each item and manually enter information, was not worth the effort.

Like many Silicon Valley conversations end, Nicole and Tak decided to team up and build a product that would solve this problem, and the digital wardrobe Storey was born. Unlike other digital wardrobes, Storey aims at reaching 0 friction: the user can forward an invoice or use a chrome plug-in that will recognize apparel purchase, and the items will be automatically generated with catalog pictures, brand, size, and the resale value.  Last but not least, users can follow each other to see who wears what, trade pieces of clothes or even offer to buy a specific item.

Newfund investor: Henri Deshays