Securing access for the distributed workforce

Dharmendra Mohan

Co-founder & CEO

Venu Banda

Co-founder & CTO

Most cyber attacks are performed by impersonating an authorized user, whether employee or 3rd party, hence a boom in “zero trust access” solutions. is a cybersecurity company that has created an innovative and comprehensive SaaS service to monitor user access to an organization’s enterprise applications, and control what actions users can do/what information they have access to. Sonet provides a simple, yet very effective way to not only control who has access to what applications and information, but also take action when a user’s behavior deviates from the norm.

Sonet has developed a highly secure solution to control users' access to applications, without the need for any deployment on users devices or in the infrastructure. The solution can be ready to use in 15 minutes. The control can be at the fine grain level of an application and data moving in and out of that application. For example if a user is granted access to Salesforce, Sonet can control what aspects in Salesforce this user has access to, and secures the communication through the Sonet service.

Newfund investor: Henri Deshays