Software platform that helps rescues and shelters do more adoptions

Greg Lucas


Inspired by his own dog, Greg Lucas came up with the idea of founding ShelterLuv, a company dedicated to the specific challenges of animal welfare organizations. A Stanford graduate and after a stint at Bain Capital, Greg Lucas developed a software solution to help shelters and rescue services optimize their operations and encourage the adoption of pets in the United States. At stake was also the desire to limit the number of euthanasia.

"In 20 years, we have tested many software options, but ShelterLuv's features and design are the best on the market. The database is user-friendly and accessible and the software is easy to use," explains Kristin Pearson CEO of the PAWS shelter in Chicago (5000 adoptions in 2017), one of ShelterLuv's largest clients.

The tool facilitates the management of the animals collected, from their registration to the creation of profiles and their online distribution. It also simplifies the process of connecting with potential adopters or donors who would like to support the shelter.

ShelterLuv's advantage is its perfect control of the entire chain: on the one hand, its precise knowledge of the profiles of the animals to adopt and on the other hand, its portfolio of contacts. Thus, this artificial intelligence makes it possible to monetize the acquisition of an animal as well as possible: by proposing tailor-made offers, whether it concerns food suggestions, medicines or veterinary recommendations. The objective is to provide a platform for targeted adoption offers for potential adopters.


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