A platform for hosting virtual events

In Steven Spielberg's latest film, Ready Player One, the American director imagined a virtual world called the Oasis, where players from all over the world would gather to experience adventures without real limits. On a very similar concept, the start-up Roomkey  is in the process of creating the first global platform for hosting B2B virtual events.

From roundtables to business conferences, Roomkey allows audiences around the world to interact, as they would in the real world, to organize or attend events, but... virtually, that is, in a few clicks and without having to travel or find a place.

Founded in August 2018, the startup creates virtual environments, in which each user is an avatar who can interact with others. The software allows you to attend presentations while still being able to have isolated conversations with other avatars nearby.

Roomkey is at the intersection of several markets: AR/VR conferences, adventure, entrepreneurship, innovation meetings, training sessions, booth visits, Ask Me Anything events for influencers and celebrities or live podcasts.



Newfund Investor: Henri Deshays