The future of software development - automated

Robert Nowell

Co-founder - CEO

Caleb Ouellette
Caleb Ouelette

Co-founder - CTO

Rendition is an AI assistant for writing production quality front-end code from designs. It leverages computer vision and language models joined by a compiler. For the customer, Rendition is today a service provider, with the customer sending designs and specs and receiving the codebase 24-48h later.

One of the most mundane yet time consuming parts of software development is the frontend. A full stack engineer spending time on CSS is the equivalent of a finance director doing the bookkeeping, it has to be done but it is a waste of money if performed by a highly qualified resource. Hence the multiplication of solutions to outsource this work, from web agencies or contractors (same time but less $ spent) or a new breed of tools automating the transition from design to code.

Rendition is one of such tools, except it is today used by the company to generate code which is then QAed to ensure it is production ready, while other solutions stop one step before, thus providing limited value for engineers. As Rendition increases the number of customers, so will the number of use cases, feeding the AI engine to be more precise everytime and progressively decreasing the time it takes to QA. Ideally, it will get to a point where a human in the loop isn’t necessary, making it an entirely self-serve solution for the customer, and providing the company with software like margins.

Newfund investor: Henri Deshays