Scaling digital partner marketing 

Michael Nardella

Co-Founder & CEO

Patrick Allen

Co-Founder & CTO

Peter Sidney

Co-Founder & COO

When Relevize launched in 2019, it initially aimed at facilitating global consumer brands reaching a relevant local audience. Think of Diageo advertising its beer to local bars' community, or Kraft Heinz leveraging local retailers' online footprint to promote its latest non dripping yet you have to shake it harder ketchup bottle. 

The Aha moment came in 2020 when SaaS vendors were struggling to find good use for their earmarked channel marketing budgets due to most events being cancelled. A few POCs where Relevize enabled SaaS vendors to advertise on behalf of their channel partners via Linkedin and Facebook demonstrated huge ROI, and for the first time the capacity for both parties to measure the yield in terms of qualified leads. 

Fast forward to 2021, Relevize has signed major companies such as Okta, ServiceNow and Nutanix, with close to 100% channel partner adoption since all is asked from them is a couple of clicks before they start to see leads coming in.

Newfund investor: Henri Deshays