Taking customer service to the next level

Maxime Trouche

CEO / Co-Founder


CTO / Co-Founder

Reecall is a productivity SaaS tool for the customer service departments of SMBs. It is integrated with the most popular enterprise softwares (Salesforce, Hubspot, Aircall...) to facilitate implementation and indirect sales.

Despite the chatbot revolution, an overwhelming majority1 of customers prefer to use the phone to contact customer service (despite inefficient phone menus for triage). The calling experience is also a key purchasing decision factor2 as it reflects the quality of the business. However, customers spend on average a day per year on hold and this despite 60% of requests not requiring human intervention. As a result, customer service remains a cost center for most SMBs and one of their main bottlenecks for growth. Many solutions exist to automate calls and help customer service teams.

However these typically require heavy setup (both in terms of time and fees), sometimes rely on aging technology and for the most part aren’t integrated with the newest SaaS solutions therefore limited in terms of practical use.

Reecall has developed a turnkey SaaS tool connecting the best available voice technology - combined with a proprietary NLP engine - with more than 150+ SaaS solutions. As a result, it can sign and deploy clients within a day, and make customer service agents 7x more productive than previously possible.



Newfund investor: Salim Hassad