Fashion watches and jewelry reinvented

Romain Benichou

Co-founder & CEO

David-Emmanuel Cohen

Co-founder & CEO

RED Luxury is a jewelry & watch company which designs, manufactures and distributes its proprietary brands worldwide using its innovative distribution network. At a time when the market is quickly shifting, Red Luxury’s purpose is to disrupt the traditional jewelry and watch business by investing in trendy and up-and-coming brands.

As of June 2023, Red Luxury features several proprietary brands such as Ginette NY, The M jewelers, Reminescence, Pamela Love, or Montigniac. As a brand accelerator, Red Luxury combines the creative soul of their talent with a strong global and digital marketing strategy.

Red Luxury has offices in Paris, Dubai, Miami and Geneva. Half of its sales stem from D2C retail & ecommerce and the other half from wholesale accounts. Red Luxury’s brands are currently being sold in over 2,000 points of sale worldwide. With a strong international focus, 55% of Red Luxury’s business operations take place in Europe, 40% in the USA and 5% in the  rest of the world. Their operations are 50% D2C retail & ecommerce and 50% through wholesale.

Red Luxury’s vision is to become the #1 Build Up in the Jewelry Space and the #1 independent Jewelry Brand Accelerator worldwide.

Newfund Investor: Patrick Malka