QRA Corp

Strengthen your requirements specification with AI

Dr. Jordan Kyriakidis

Co-founder & CEO

Lockheed Martin was looking for a solution to improve their product development process. Specifically, to improve their product and system designs and ensure the designs aligned with the product requirements. It is a complex problem, so Lockheed Martin reached out to Jordan Kyriakidis, a professor of theoretical physics at Dalhousie University and founder of the University's Quantum Theory Group.

Jordan and his team initially developed software to predict whether a particular design for a product or system would have the behavior indicated in the requirements. Ultimately, though, Jordan and team realized most of the problems were in the requirements: poorly articulated, ambiguous, inconsistent, repetitive, and/or contradicting. In other words, most of the issues adding millions of dollars to product development could be prevented upstream in the development process, where they were least expensive to correct.

QRA offers advanced early-stage design analysis that significantly decreases the cost, time, and effort required to verify and develop complex systems and products. QRA’s software inspects project requirement specifications and alerts product designers to potential errors as they occur. Detecting and correcting these errors saves millions of dollars in rework and redesign and has the potential to protect lives and avoid litigation by reducing product failures in the field.

QRA’s software offers an added-value solution for businesses, helping them manage increasing complexity of systems in sectors like aerospace and industrial automation.

Newfund investor: Henri Deshays