The tele-expertise platform for enhanced medical collaboration

Baptiste Truchot

Co-founder & CEO

Pierre Duquesne

Co-founder & CTO

Omnidoc is the leading actor of medical tele-expertise in France.

Medical collaboration between a general practitioner and a specialist is a practice that has always existed. The increasing specialization of doctors, medical desertification and hospital constraints are accelerating its development and have justified the establishment of a regulatory and financial framework.  Since February 2019, tele-expertise is now recognized as a medical act in its own right, supervised and remunerated for both the requesting and the requested physician.

Created in 2019, Omnidoc allows general practitioners to request the opinion of a colleague or a hospital service for a patient, via its dedicated messaging application. Omnidoc facilitates the sharing of expertise between doctors and the management of administrative procedures within a secure framework. Each opinion is monitored by the Health Insurance, thus enhancing the value of the requesting doctor's act and the medical expertise of the specialist. The patient benefits from relevant and efficient referrals, and hospital treatment is accelerated in case of emergency.

Omnidoc accounts for more than 40% of tele-expertise procedures in France.

Its solution has already been deployed in some 20 hospitals and is used by 4,000 general practitioners, specialists, private practitioners and hospital staff. The University Hospitals of Rennes and La Réunion, as well as the hospitals of Vienne, Saint-Brieuc and Vannes are among the establishments that have joined the platform in recent months. 

The startup relies on hospitals that prescribe its solution in their area and can therefore quickly reach doctors working in that area. Over the last six months, it has signed up seven new hospitals, integrating 1,500 doctors into its exchange system.

In France, a decree published on June 4, 2021 opens up the possibility for all healthcare practitioners (including nurses) to request a medical tele-expertise. This advance was foreseen in the 'Ségur de la Santé'. It will facilitate access to specialized opinions, in particular for patients living in EHPAD or in medical deserts.

Newfund Investor: Anne-Sophie Nédellec