Microinsurance for farmers in Africa

Simon Schwall

Co-founder & CEO

Shehzad Lokhandwalla

Co-founder & CTO

Raphael Haziza

Co-founder and Lead Actuary

OKO invents micro-insurance for farmers in Africa

Agriculture is still the main activity in Africa, with about 33 million farms. Farmers are deprived of basic financial services such as insurance and loans while the risks of drought or floods are high.
OKO aims to secure farmers' incomes across Africa with a parametric agricultural microinsurance offer. Parametric' because repayment is made according to simple objective parameters such as the actual rainfall in a given region. The startup uses AI-powered technologies to simplify and automate claims management and create low-cost crop insurance for small farms.

Everything farmers need to connect to OKO is a phone (no smartphone required): they can dial a short code to get more information and pay via mobile money transfer. To achieve this level of accessibility, the company collaborates with mobile operators such as Orange.

A well-established presence

The start-up intends to strengthen its presence in Mali, as well as in Uganda, and extend its offer to other African markets, starting with the Côte d’Ivoire. OKO is also working with agribusinesses to help them achieve their sustainability goals and strengthen relationships with their suppliers.


Newfund Investor: Augustin Sayer