All-in-one Saas platform for personal service businesses

Karim Abichat

Co-founder & CEO

Didier Humbert

Co-founder & COO

Ogust develops a SaaS software dedicated to companies in the personal services sector. Its specificity lies in the personalization of its interface to various professions: childcare, dependent persons, school support, housework,  gardening, well-being,...

Newfund1 first invested in Sykio, the company behind Ogust, in 2012. The company was acquired by Medisys in December 2019.

With Sykio, Medisys makes its first build-up.  Didier Humbert joins the Medisys management team led by Guillaume Bouillot. Karim Abichat, co-founder, is supporting the operation while remaining a shareholder. Newfund1 sold all its shares.

This association with Medisys is a great opportunity for Ogust to grow faster and continue its sustained pace of innovation in the human services sector. The combination of Medisys and Ogust will provide a comprehensive technical offering that is unparalleled on the market.

Ogust is located near Paris, France.