The video app for foodies and restaurants

Diana Aroutiounova

Co-founder & CEO

David Tolioupov

Co-founder & CPO

Mustard is a video-based social commerce app, available on iOS and soon on Android. Instead of juggling among different apps, users can discover and order food experiences through authentic videos on Mustard.

Food discovery platform that is visual, personalized, and trustworthy. When trying to find what and where to eat, consumers often face an overwhelming amount of options that only allude subtly to the food experiences they’re about to encounter. Most people check restaurant reviews before visiting/ordering. However, it is not uncommon to end up with disappointing experiences - dishes are not what’s expected based on a text menu or there is not a fit for personal taste. Even with real food pictures, users have to do a lot of guesswork around the authenticity and relevance of the photo reviews. Mustard’s video feed is location-based and highly personalized. It provides a simple source of truth for confident decisions on food and restaurants. 

Mustard saves time for consumers and helps them decide “what to eat” with confidence. It also provides a single source of truth about each restaurant and every dish on the menu. On top of that, the community that is centered around similar food tastes gives like-minded foodies a place to share their adventures and make friends through food experiences.

For food creators, Mustard helps them repurpose and monetize existing content while extending each video’s lifespan. Creators can finally navigate followers through their food content with dish tags, restaurant information, and options to order directly within videos. Passive income through restaurant deals and affiliation fees will also be possible and meaningful if creators have a large following on social media. In the future, food creators can also get exclusive deals, access to invite-only foodie events, free dining experiences, or brand deals through Mustard.

On the business end, Mustard can turn a restaurant’s social media content into actionable assets, driving order volume on top of brand awareness. It also gives restaurants a competitive edge with interactive video menus and powerful sales tools.

Newfund investor: Christy Wang