The bot for meaningful connections between employees

Yumi Kimura

CEO & co-founder

LEAD creates a more interconnected workforce.

Remote work has impacted organizations in many ways, one of which a loss of social link among colleagues. In an environment where water-cooler conversations are not possible, there needs to be new ways of preserving a sense of belonging, forging new work relationships.

Co-founded by Yumi Kimura and Jay William, LEAD is bringing back those impromptu meetings essential to the social fabric of a company by enabling connections between individuals or groups, with specific intent. To you and I LEAD is a bot connecting us to colleagues and arranging meetings, in person or virtual. To the organization manager, it is a solution that helps to purposefully connect people, whether if the intent is mentoring, getting two departments to socialize, or onboarding a new employee.

1,000 organizations are already using LEAD, from Microsoft to Harvard University, and 50K individuals got matched and connected in April alone.

Newfund investor: Henri Deshays