Le Grand Dressing

Clothing rental for men through personalized boxes

Alexandre Aumand

Co-founder and CEO

Maxime Pierre

Co-founder and COO

Le Grand Dressing is the leading French actor in the rental of men's clothing by sending 100% personalized boxes.

Created in 2016 by Alexandre Aumand and Maxime Pierre, two engineers from ICAM Nantes, the start-up is aimed at men between the ages of 20 and 40 who do not like shopping and who want to be able to change clothes regularly without storing them. This offer is in line with the trend towards a circular economy.
The site offers the rental of 1 to 4 "looks" (4 to 16 pieces) for 39.90 euros per month and per look. The customer gives precise information about his measurements, tastes and needs. Then a stylist makes one or more styles with items from the 25 partner brands. The customer receives his box at his home and then has 30 days to enjoy his clothes. At the end of the rental period, the customer can choose to send them back to receive a new outfit or to buy the clothes he likes for an attractive price. The brands represented in the box are also selected on their quality and eco-responsible approach.
The company recently moved to La Rochelle where it has a 350m2 warehouse. Since its launch, Le Grand Dressing has already convinced 1000 customers in France, Belgium and Luxembourg and has already sent more than 16,000 boxes.
The startup aims to become the leader in France in men's clothing rental before competition intensifies with the possible arrival on the European market of American players. The development in the United States of clothing rental with companies such as Renttherunway or Stitchfix, already valued at more than 1 billion dollars, demonstrates the potential of the concept.

Le Grand Dressing is an investment made by Newfund Nouvelle Aquitaine Euskal Herria.

Newfund's contact: Agathe Descamps