Japanese-inspired fast-casual food brand, fresh and accessible

Antoine Bungert

Co-founder & CEO

Gaspard Luciano

Co-founder & COO

Kumo is a Japanese-inspired fast-casual food brand that is bringing dine-in quality meals to French customers on the go. From Japanese rolls dispensed from Kumo vending machines to bento boxes available from Kumo-branded refrigerators in supermarkets, Kumo is unique in that it offers easily accessible meals that are both fresh and affordable.

French dining is changing

While traditional, homemade meals are a staple of French culture, 80 percent of French active adults and students eat at least one meal away from home each week. Seventy percent of French people consider eating a healthy, balanced diet a major concern, but nearly one-in-two think eating a balanced diet is too expensive. Kumo’s conviction: good food should be affordable and accessible to everyone, everywhere, every time.

Kumo meets the moment

Kumo owns a unique space in the fast-casual food market. Its rolls, ramen, and bento boxes are less expensive than traditional dine-in or takeout Asian restaurants, with a price point of €4.90 to €8.90 each. Kumo’s meals are also easily-accessible, with distribution points at Kumo vending machines on campuses like Science Po and Paris Dauphine University, retail locations like Carrefour and Monop’, business canteens via vendors like Sodexo and Elior, and home delivery through partners like Uber Eats and Deliveroo. What really sets Kumo apart, though, is its commitment to freshness, an attribute lacking in the French fast-food category. Kumo’s meals are prepared in a nearby kitchen using local, seasonal ingredients, and the company’s investment in automation and efficient delivery logistics ensures a fresh meal every time.

Kumo is diversifying and growing

When Kumo launched in 2019, co-founders Antoine Bungert and Gaspard Luciano were primarily focused on vending machines on campuses as a distribution point for their Kumo rolls. With the upheaval of the pandemic, the pair quickly pivoted, diversifying their menu offerings, and increasing their distribution points to include retail, catering, and dark kitchens. As a result, Kumo multiplied its revenues by 1.5 since 2019, doubled its contribution margin, and created a sustainable business model for the future.

Newfund investor: Anne-Sophie Nédellec