The intelligent virtual assistant for developers

Stephane Ibos

Co-founder & CEO

Arnaud Lachaume

Co-founder & CTO

Software is eating the world' and developers have to produce more and more, as fast as possible, and are involved in several projects simultaneously. The best ones are particularly independent-minded, and do not tolerate 'cops'. And yet, as with any employee, the workload of 'techs' must be adjustable, if only to avoid burn-out.

Keypup platform proposes to solve this problem thanks to tools for analyzing programming flows. It is currently used by just over 900 companies located mainly between Europe and the United States.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, the start-up's solution provides developers with a virtual assistant from the product source code. This assistant helps them to optimize the daily management of their activities, their teamwork and the quality of the code.

Keypup comes on top of code repository platforms (Github, Gitlab), project management tools (Jira, Trello, Asana, which are not very well adapted to programming and are rather intended for project managers) and messaging tools (email and Slack) to give the user a complete workflow management platform. Keypup feeds on data from these three types of source platforms and also notifies them when a task has been completed, for example a code review or a project retrospective. This way the dev can have a dedicated overview, with clear prioritization of his tasks, automations of repetitive tasks, and easier follow-up of code reviews or post execution project retrospectives.

Created by developers for developers, the French start-up aims to become the leader in data-driven programming and to help programming teams improve their efficiency. 

Newfund investor: Zoé Mohl