Virtual assistant for sales teams

Lara Khanafer

Founder & CEO

This startup has been liquidated.

Lara Khanafer was one of the best performing key account managers at Dataiku, a collaborative data science platform selling to large enterprises. Then a life event constrained her to reduce her work hours, yet she increased her performance. Lara's secret: efficiency. She founded Kara to make every sales rep as efficient.

Kara.ai is an application for sales reps dedicated to "complex" sales, e.g. ACV over 500k€ and sales cycles over three months, several decision-makers involved. The app breaks down annual and quarterly objectives into concrete tasks over weekly and daily periods, is smartphone first yet linked to the CRM tools, providing both painless data-entry and relevant info at the rep’s fingertips, making recommendations at each stage of the sales cycle.

Kara is currently in alpha with a select group of power users, contact us if you want to be part of the early launch.




Newfund Investor: Anne-Sophie Nedellec