Matchmaker platform for shift work

Yann Massol & William Vacher


"Our objective is to organize the labour market on demand," says Yann Massol, co-founder of JobyPepper. With William Vacher, they launched the start-up in 2017 to support the trend of the younger generations to want to work in a freer and more flexible way. It allows them to access a stable source of revenue through recurring missions while maintaining organizational flexibility through a mobile application. It provides companies with a tool for managing external personnel that allows them to have permanent access to additional resources that are reliable, trained and available. JobyPepper thus makes it possible to cope with unexpected absenteeism and peaks in activity. 

In concrete terms, companies form dedicated teams of 2 to 50 people with JobyPepper, which they can call on according to their daily needs. To become a team member, a candidate must create his profile on the mobile application - which is done in a few minutes - and apply among the available teams according to his skills and desires. Once selected by a team, he receives proposals for assignments and can work whenever he wishes, according to his availability. To take advantage of more opportunities, the candidate has the freedom to join several teams. And it thus manages all its professional activity from a single application.

The JobyPepper platform is mainly aimed at the catering, hospitality, distribution and retail sectors. Its advantages are multiple: no intermediaries, team member loyalty, increased visibility, cost reduction, etc.... Among JobyPepper's biggest clients: Les Mousquetaires group (Intermarché, Netto, Bricomarché, Bricorama...), McDonald's and Accor group. 

Today, 30,000 people are part of the community. A thousand teams have been created for 500 customers. 5,000 missions are carried out every month, lasting an average of 5 hours, but lasting up to two days. And with a presentation rate that is close to 100%. 

"We bring flexibility to the last-minute need market. Temporary employment agencies are not in this niche. "says Yann Massol. JobyPepper works in partnership with several temporary employment agencies including Randstad and LIP.  They have access to clients' accounts and all the information about candidates.

Newfund Investor: Patrick Malka