Inside Therapeutics

Revolutionize RNA therapy

Thomas Guerinier  CEO Inside Tx
Thomas Guerinier

Co-Founder & CEO 

Alexis PEYROLES Co founder CFO
Alexis Peyroles

Co-Founder & CFO

Audrey Nsamela Chief Scientific Officer Inside Tx
Audrey Nsamela

Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer

Robin Oliveres Inside Tx
Robin Oliveres

Co-Founder & Chief Business Officer

Matthieu KERHUEL Inside Tx
Matthieu KERHUEL

Co-Founder & CTO

Inside Therapeutics designs, develops, and markets instruments for encapsulating therapeutic RNA into lipid nanoparticles. This method offers numerous advantages: precise targeting of cells for treatment, maximizing therapeutic effects, and reducing the occurrence of side effects. It particularly facilitates the development of therapies targeting the brain by enabling molecules to cross the blood-brain barrier.

Current technologies require machines that operate under high pressure and consume large volumes of costly raw materials, increasing production costs, especially during research and development phases that require numerous iterations. Inside Tx's patented microfluidic technology allows for the use of a single machine to produce varying volumes of medications, covering all development stages up to industrial deployment. This innovation optimizes RNA therapy production by significantly reducing the time and costs associated with formula adaptations.

Inside Tx was founded in 2022 and is headquartered in Angoulême, France.

Newfund investor: Constant Beroulle et Julie Roblot