Transforming the co-living experience for landlords and renters

Johnny_Wolff_Homeroom (1).jpeg
Johnny Wolff

CEO / Founder

Thomas_Hornbeck_Homeroom (1).jpeg
Thomas Hornbeck

CTO / Co-Founder

Michael_Tich_Homeroom (1).jpeg
Michael Tich

VP Growth, Data / Co-Founder

Young people marrying later in life and burdened by student loan debt are increasingly turning to co-living to lower their housing costs while being part of a community. At the same time, investors are looking for smarter ways to purchase and rent out housing in an unpredictable real estate market.

Homeroom brings renters and investors together via its co-living marketplace and seamlessly manages the entire process for both parties from property purchase to lease management. The company identifies properties for sale that have co-living potential, finds the right investors, sets up the home, finds the tenants, and collects the rent and utilities.

Renters benefit from rents as low as $300 - $600 a month and a roommate matching process to ensure a happy household. Investors benefit from higher rental income versus renting to a single family and a simplified landlord experience.

Newfund investor: Henri Deshays