Expert interviews in minutes

Scott Parish

Co-founder and CEO

Joel Young

Co-founder and CTO

Nowadays, in the "Great" resignation era, the stakes of hiring have never been higher, as having the right talent is critical, costly and urgent.

Every year, around 100M interviews are made my hiring managers, but a majority of them declare they made the wrong decision, hiring the wrong person (CareerBuilder).

Behavioral science knows structured interviews are 2X as predictive, way less biased. Yet, today they are too hard & slow, painful to implement, and are accessible to only a few players.

Hireguide uses AI as a co-pilot for the interview. Upstream, Hireguide enables you to prepare the interview quickly, selecting the right questions, fitted for the role. Then, the software gives you, with state-of-the-art conversational AI, the transcript of the interview. Thirdly, Hireguide will help you make the right choice, selecting with fair scoring using the pre-determined questions.

For more information, watch this video from Scott Parish, the co-founder and CEO of Hireguide, explaining how the company's solution works.

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