All in one cloud platform for small and medium sized police organisations

Vincent Loubert

Founder / CEO

The problem:

90% of police professionals in small & medium sized organizations report using poor records management tools, leading to wasted time, lost files, poor productivity and organization.

77% of police agencies in the US have no cloud-based centralized software making it difficult to take the right and timely decision at the command.


The solution:

SMART POLICE® by EDICIA is an end-to-end Saas solution for police organizations.

  1. Day to day operations: Smart Police® facilitates comprehensive records collection on the spot for real-time sharing, compliant with state and federal mandates.
  2. Data and Media are used within the agency or shared seamlessly across disciplines and jurisdictions on investigations. No more lost files, no more time wasted.
  3. AI-powered data analysis allows early risk detection and anticipated staff allocation. The right response at the right place at the right time.
  4. Real-time agents geolocation on the field and advanced Computer-Aided Dispatch (CAD).
  5. Smart Police® was designed with the highest standards of security and stress-tested accordingly. Smart Police® is a cloud-based solution whose features are available from anywhere, online or offline.
  6. 10-year experience in addressing urban safety issues.


The information collected and shared via intuitive interfaces is analysed in a single secure information system, then selectively restored in real time whether in a crisis situation or in planning.

By 2017, EDICIA is equipping more than 20,000 police and urban controllers in 600 cities, it has operations in France and in the US. It contributes to the safety and urban mobility of over 30 million citizens.

Edicia is based in Nantes, France.



Newfund investor: François Véron