Personal project manager for home renovation

Stella Wu

Founder & CEO

Eano is an automated project manager for home renovation. It provides standardized packages for design, construction and materials. Customers use Eano's platform to renovate kitchens, bathrooms and build Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU). It works like a managed marketplace: a vetted contractor goes onsite, provides a quote before he leaves, once accepted the platform facilitates the communication and project management between the customer and contractor with complete transparency on time spent, material purchased, etc.

Eano provides a turnkey solution for homeowners. The company handles permits, construction and material procurement into one platform. It also automates material procurement processes and improves communication between homeowners and contractors.

In addition, Eano relies on a vetted and bonded network of highly and affordable contractors.

Eano works in several steps:

  • Virtual estimate: from photos and videos, the platform gives a proposal witch projected timelines and a scope of work ;
  • Meeting with a project manager ;
  • Permit and materials: the team carries out space measurements, obtains building permits, provides detailed drawings, puts up a protection of the house before renovation and delivers the materials ;
  • Renovation begins: with a qualified local contractor, rigorously vetted.
  • Each step of the renovation is documented and shared with the customer

Growth Product Manager at Wish by day, Stella Wu was spending the rest of her time finding and managing contractors to renovate her newly acquired home. Stella's family runs a construction company in China, she knew firsthand that there were great contractors out there, yet the ones ending up with a job were the better salespeople, not the most capable contractors.

She launched Eano with a simple yet powerful vision: provide high quality home renovation at a lower price than market standards (a shrewd contractor can play with Yelp rankings but not surpass Wish's first marketing hire..),

The company is based in San Francisco, California.


Newfund Investor: Henri Deshays