More revenue for gaming studios, more thrills for players

Antoine Davy

COO / Co-Founder

Benjamin Davy

COO / Co-Founder

In the past 10 years, the average cost per install for mobile games has increased by 26 times, while the average revenue per player has only grown by 2.7 times. While mobile gaming remains the fastest-growing gaming segment, it’s harder than ever for gaming studios to monetize their games effectively.

For studios, Dolly creates a new revenue stream by integrating cash-prize competitions and skill-based rewards into their existing mobile games.

For players, they create excitement by allowing them to get rewarded for their skills playing games they already love.

Dolly’s mission is to make players connect in fair, fun, and meaningful competition and to help gaming studios thrive in today’s competitive mobile gaming space.

Newfund investor: Augustin Sayer