The best way towards data governance

Lazhar Sellami and Sébastien Thomas


Companies have been digitizing and equipping themselves for many years, involving an ever-increasing amount of data and processing. Data is now considered a key asset. It therefore becomes essential to master it well and to develop it. This challenge is made all the more complex as the data perimeter evolves and involves heterogeneous tools and business silos.
Despite this, the maturity of companies is still low, with approaches based on technical tools for CIOs and Excel spreadsheets for business teams. To meet this challenge, there are two complementary levers for data control: mapping and governance.
Mapping enables a better understanding of the data, by building a repository of detailed information about the company's data, thus providing operational efficiency: reduction of data team requests for information about managed data/flow and empowerment of business teams.

  • Data consistency: reduction of redundancies or processing errors
  • Data enhancement: gives the teams the means to promote the optimization of processes, the emergence of new uses, the implementation of dashboards, ...
  • Regulatory compliance (RGPD): regulatory obligation to control its data perimeter.


Data Galaxy markets a SaaS data mapping solution that is built around 4 types of listed information:

  • Databases: Lists the types of tables and data used by the company
  • Business Glossary: Lists the business definitions of data and entities in the enterprise.
  • Processing flows : Lists data processing flows.
  • Uses: Lists the use cases where the data is visible or used.


Data Galaxy gives the company the means to better understand and enhance the value of its data.
The solution is characterized by a simple UX and thought for a collaborative approach allowing technical, data and business teams to work together in the same tool.
The concept of building maps using workspaces is also complementary and structuring in the design and operation of Data Galaxy. This approach allows the construction of data repositories by business or project circles. This facilitates rapid and progressive deployment, without going through a long phase of global data mapping. The Data Galaxy solution offers versioning and consolidation of these "workspaces", enabling the progressive construction of a global mapping at the enterprise level. A role management system allows Data Stewards to validate the consolidated versions.
The tool is positioned solely as a mapping solution, with no governance functionality. Data structures can be imported into Data Galaxy via APIs or files. The governance dimension is limited to the management of user rights in Data Galaxy, as well as administration rights to validate versions and consolidations.
Once the mapping is in place, users can easily access the information via a search engine, logical linkage path modules ("lineage"), and an advanced query system facilitated by a non-technical interface.



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