Curv Health

The digital health platform for physical health & wellness

Shea Balish

CEO & co-founder

Transform the camera on your mobile device into a diagnostic tool to uncover how to build a better & healthier body. Analyzing human movements to identify and prevent injuries. This is valuable data for the professional sport sector, amateur sport or the business world, the latter can thus protect workers against accidents at work.

Until now, the study of human physical health was based on the experience of highly qualified professionals and very expensive sophisticated tools.
Curv Health is changing the game!

Founded in 2017, Curv Health has offices in Toronto and Halifax, with an experienced technical team of full-stack engineers, computer vision developers, machine-learning experts, and elite biomechanists that translate math into movement. Curv Health leverages computer vision to measure human motion and help patients build better and healthier bodies. The team is focused on alleviating the massive human & economic costs associated with musculoskeletal (MSK) issues.

The start-up has built on the progress of visual recognition through artificial intelligence and machine learning. It is developing a software that makes it possible to transform any mobile device into a diagnostic tool. By measuring the angles of the moving body, the algorithm can identify 28 different anatomical characteristics. Making it an ideal tool for people perform their at-home session following along with videos, their reps being counted by our computer vision.
Curv’s Health Coaches motivate, encourage and hold patients accountable to support compliance of the digital treatment plan.

Founded by Shea Balish and Nic Tancredi, Curv Health has joined Tenkan-Ten, Asics' accelerator program based in Barcelona. In its stores, this brand of sports shoes already offers a free analysis of the process to recommend appropriate shoes.


Newfund Investor: Henri Deshays