100% digital smartphone insurance

Hugo Saias

Founder & CEO

Launched in 2019 by Hugo Saias (former co-founder of Save, a chain of stores specializing in smartphone repairs), Coverd offers a comprehensive and 100% digital smartphone insurance.

"There are approximately 6 million smartphones incidents each year with only 2 million insured. In the event of a claim, most traditional smartphone insurers also look for the small footprints on the policies to reject claims. Coverd was created to meet the real need for protection: a simple subscription that covers absoultely all risks, with no commitment" comments Hugo Saias.

The smartphone is becoming an indispensable tool during the lockdown (even more so than before) and customers are unwilling or unable to purchase insurance in-store. These growth factors are expected to continue after the end of the lockdown.

Newfund Investor: Augustin Sayer