Last mile delivery. Reinvented.

Fabrice Le Vannier and Nao Nussbaum


This startup has been liquidated.

Imagine a city without double-parked delivery vans (whose engines run and pollute) and parcels delivered on the day without delay... Utopian? Not really... This is what Couriier, a start-up that is revolutionizing the logistics of the last mile by offering not only an express delivery service by bike couriers, but also and above all a technological platform that ensures the complete management of all races, with unequalled precision.

Couriier has developed a full stack software solution for companies specialising in last mile logistics. The tool facilitates the coordination of field operations: fleet management, courier management, automation of their rating and invoicing, GPS parcel tracking,.... For dispatch optimization, the algorithm also makes it possible to manage complex routes, particularly with several stops, where most of the actors are satisfied with point-to-point coordination. In addition, the platform will use the blockchain to track delivery and a smart contract developed on the Ethereum protocol. Proof of the founders' commitment to using the latest innovations to advance their sector.

To get there, Fabrice Le Vannier (aka Fuego, world champion of bike messengers) and Nao Nussbaum, the two founders, methodically tested all the features in their own bike messenger company based in Paris. The result is more than promising: "Growth has increased 30-fold in 3 years," explains Nao Nussbaum, "with a minimum delivery failure rate of 0.3%, when it is usually 20%. »

The last mile market weighs €70 billion and is expected to double by 2025. Couriier intends to support this evolution, in line with consumer requirements (86% want to be delivered quickly, 55% within the day). And also because it meets environmental challenges: thanks to the use of cargo bicycles that can carry up to 80kg of goods, more than 80% of deliveries in the city could be operated by bicycle, with zero carbon impact.

The solution is now ready to be commercialized. Couriier intends to offer it to courier companies all over the world. Tests are underway in Lyon, Milan (Italy), Sidney (Australia) and New York (United States). Some twenty cities are in negotiation around the world. The objective is to equip five of them in the first half of 2019.

The founders' project is to build a global network of bicycle courier companies based on their software.


Newfund Investor: Patrick Malka