Small ticket financial rental

Hadrien Carre
Hadrien Carre

Founder & CEO

Cleaq finances all tangible and intangible assets with a value of 500 to 50,000 euros over periods of 3 to 72 months.

The clients are very small businesses and independent professionals as well as start-ups and individuals.

For an equipment manufacturer to help its customer to rent rather than buy for example, this is how it works:

 - You offer your customers the rental of your products rather than a cash purchase.

 - You sell to Cleaq the product chosen by your customer.

-  Cleaq will immediately pay you the price of the product.

-  Cleaq manages the collection of rents during the rental period and pays you a part of them (service, maintenance, after-sales service, etc.).

Operations at the end of the contracts are defined in advance with you, depending on your products and customers.


The company is headquartered in Paris and has an office in Andernos, Southern France.

Newfund investor: François Véron