In-home senior placement platform

Paul-Alexis Racine-Jourdren

Founder & CEO

Founded by Paul-Alexis Racine Jourdren, CetteFamille offers a coordination platform that connects elderly people who no longer wish to live alone with host families willing to welcome them. This solution is attractive because it is cheaper and affords a more personal experience than an Ehpad for people with little dependency. CetteFamille's service costs on average 1000€/month, which is roughly half the price of a retirement home.    

CetteFamily federates a network of more than 4,500 approved host families which accommodates 8,000 people in their homes.  By way of comparison, the Colisée Group, 4th largest Ehpad management company in France, currently has a capacity of 7,000 beds (Korian, French leader, 30,000 beds).

In addition to putting elderly people in touch with host families, the company offers to take care of all related administrative tasks and to train the host families. CetteFamille generates revenue by charging a commission on the service paid by the elderly to the carers.

The start-up has close to 1,200 beds under direct management. It was managing 210 of them when Newfund became a shareholder in October 2017.

Newfund investor: Anne-Sophie Nedellec