Compliance screening technology powered by AI

Peter Piatetsky

Co-founder & CEO

Julian Vasilkoski

Co-founder & CTO

Financial crime compliance is a key issue for governments, financial institutions and businesses, with a market value of $219B. Yet the solutions on the market offer products that do not auto update fast, require humans to enrich the data and still have a high proportion of false positives. 

Castellum.AI is a B2B SAAS compliance platform that helps governments and businesses identify financial crime risk by checking if individuals or organizations are on a blacklist. Castellum's compliance screening technology is 80% better at reducing false positives than the competition. Their technology is built on an open ecosystem where they have automated everything end-to-end, allowing them to update their data every 5 minutes. 


Before co-founding Castellum, Peter Piatetsky (CEO) fined banks, jailed money launderers and froze illicit assets while at the US Treasury, and then went to run compliance at a large Asian bank. His co-founder, Julian Vasilkoski (CTO), has a background in high frequency trading as a quant developer.

The company was founded in 2020 and the founders are based in New York.