Brainstorming platform

Jonathan Livescault

Founder / CEO

Pierre Gourlaouen

Founder / CTO

Braineet is a subscription based online idea box, where consumers and brands can interact around product and service improvement.

The company has convinced brands and retail chains as well as media programs and transportation services to use Braineet's solution as their “idea crowdsourcer”.

The company is based in Paris and starting its internationalization in the United States of America. 

In 2018, Braineet launched Brainsto, a lightweight and asynchronous brainstorming platform, with a deep integration in Slack.

Bear Douglas, director of developer relations at Slack, says more about Brainsto, as publicized in Fast Company ("The favorite app discoveries of execs at 20 hot startups" - February 2019): 

“Brainsto is a quick way to run asynchronous brainstorms with your team. It’s got a fluid interface on the web or in Slack for collecting ideas and ways to evaluate those ideas’ benefits and risks. The flow of the app keeps the thought exercise structured, so participation is fast and focused. It’s a great way to get creative as a team while avoiding yet another meeting."





Newfund investor: Henri Deshays

Founded in 2014