Privacy for AI & big data

Pervez Choudhry

Founder & CEO

Dominic Sartorio

Products & Technologies

With over 126 different global data privacy regulations (GDPR, CCPA, ...) in effect today and more on the way, most organizations are challenged in how to be a better guardian of personal privacy while still continuing to use sensitive personal data.  Given the importance of personal data, every organization is rushing to implement tighter controls and safe data access policies. Traditional tools are ill-equipped to deal with the complexity of new regulations, use cases, and requirements. Current best practices rely mostly on manual steps and scripts making them time-consuming, costly, and prone to data breaches while also putting companies at risk for hefty fines for non-compliance.

Bornio offers the first cloud-native sensitive data management solution that is designed and built to reduce the cost and complexity of ensuring personal privacy. It empowers organizations the ability to de-identify sensitive data for a wide range of use cases while preserving the privacy of its consumers, partners, employees, and citizens. With Bornio, organizations can achieve actionable insights, provide personalized services, increase engagement with customers, and build brand trust while preserving personal privacy and maintaining compliance. 

Bornio’s solution offers a number of highly advanced and unique functionality, including:

  • Unified Central Data Privacy Management – Bornio’s centralized data privacy policy management offers a single pane of glass for managing the entire policy lifecycle and a systematic approach that allows key stakeholders to collaborate effectively without having to rely on emails, spreadsheets, and endless policy reviews & approval meetings. Now organizations can define policies for data de-identification and sharing per role, per use case.
  • Comprehensive & Flexible De-Identification - Bornio offers a broad range of modern data de-identification methods including encryption, masking, tokenization, generalization, k-anonymity, and differential privacy. With mathematically proven data-identification methods, organizations can be precise about the balance between data utility and privacy settings. Policies can be refined and re-applied without having to revamp existing data flows.
  • Built-in Policy Enforcement & Demonstrable Compliance - Bornio’s automated policy enforcement and test algorithms ensure that each data set is fully conforming to the policy approved per role and per use case. It removes the risk of non-compliance due to manual processes. Additionally, built-in logging and reporting provide proof of compliance.

In addition to the paid enterprise solutions, Bornio also offers a free version for smaller teams to get started. Organizations can choose any cloud platform, any data management platform, any identity access management tool, any data discovery tool. One solution for all of the sensitive data policy management, data de-identification, and dynamic access.

Built-by by industry veterans from Splunk, Informatica, Teradata,  Protegrity, and IBM, Bornio is based in Silicon Valley and is backed by strategic angel and venture partners including NewFund and Tandemlaunch. 

Newfund Investor: Henri Deshays