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Pierre Franck Valentin
Pierre Franck Valentin


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Operation of industrial facilities is subject to more and more stringent requirements. While there is a continuous pressure to reduce production costs, factories also operate under strict constraints regarding the quality of their products, the security of their assets, and the health of the populations.

In order to cope with these sometimes conflicting requirements, smart factories rely on real-time and seamless process control systems. With the means to directly measure and control the consequences of a change in process, a real-time process control system is a key enabler to improve productivity.

Process control systems are based on a whole range of interconnected sensors. For real-time measurements of gas pollutants in or around the process, laser-based gas analyzers have gained significant market share over traditional technologies in the field of process analytics. Contrary to traditional gas measurement technologies, laser-based analyzers provide:

  • very fast measurement (<1s)
  • robust devices with no moving parts
  • excellent stability
  • very low maintenance and no consumables

These characteristics make them very fit for industrial process control applications. However, standard laser sources are limited in tunability, which hampers their performance for gas analysis. Thanks to its Broadly Tunable Laser technology, Blue has now taken laser-based gas analyzers a few steps further.

The broadly tunable laser is a proprietary technology of Blue, in which the optical source has a spectral resolution of a laser (0.01 cm-1) but a 400 times wider tunability (800 cm-1). This enables the analyzers to quantify in real time multiple molecules, at trace levels, but also to target heavier critical molecules that traditional laser-based analyzers cannot measure.

With over 450 molecules in its catalog, Blue offers unique tailored solutions for many industries with proprietary processes.

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The company is based in Paris.

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