Atelier Brâam

Healthy and consciously-sourced products for the office

Alexis de Loynes, Pauline Pelletier, Yann Simon


Atelier BRÂAM allows businesses (focus 100-750 employees) to custom-build and dynamically manage a “mini cafeteria” in their office. The startup leases, rents or sells the equipment to do so (primarily coffee machines and plants, but also water fountains, refrigerators, shelves and jars), sells the food that goes with it (primarily coffee and dried fruit, but also fresh fruit, snacks and soft drinks), offers the tools to manage it (office manager and employee portal) and the services to keep it running (personalized delivery, regular maintenance and dedicated client services).
The firm monetizes via the lease, rent or sale of equipment, the sale of products and a service charge. Atelier BRÂAM differentiates itself by focusing on healthy and consciously sourced products only. The BRÂAM brand seeks to evoke the squall of the deer, that is, “the echo of the forest, the call of nature” experienced through “raw and natural products”.

Newfund Investor : Patrick Malka