The first decentralized blockchain omnicloud for secure data storage

Yosra Jarraya

Co-founder & CEO

Gilles Seghaier

Co-founder & CTO

Yahya Jarraya

Co-founder & CRO

Astran is the first decentralized data storage & collaboration solution based on Blockchain technology. A major step forward in fighting cyber attacks while keeping highest productivity.

The startup has developed a decentralized omnicloud data storage solution based on blockchain technology. Astran's goal is to provide companies of all sizes with an efficient solution against cyber attacks while taking advantage of the performance of major cloud players.

Thanks to its proprietary "SPLIT" technology, Astran can fragment, encrypt and distribute data across several different cloud services (AWS, Azure, OVH,...). It then becomes impossible for a malicious entity to collect and use this data. In addition SPLIT platform integrate a smart mechanism, allowing to have a platform always on, even with one cloud provider down (high availability).

In practice, each cloud provider only has encrypted and fragmented information that cannot be used by anyone outside its organization. This also includes Astran, cloud storage providers, any non authorized person and foreign governments. The solution also improves the operational efficiency of companies (collaboration, move-to-cloud, adoption of SaaS solutions) because the access conditions for employees are marked.

SPLIT platform is available in two flavors :, a graphical user interface, easy to use, allowing document management; and SPLIT.api, the SPLIT engine available through APIs ready to be used/integrated in any other application.

The startup brings solutions to organizations seeking security and operational efficiency, including governments and sectors related to healthcare, banking & insurance, law firms, accounting practices and software providers. A simplified product will also be offered to SMEs.

Newfund investor: Anne-Sophie Saint-Martin