Health data infrastructure for hospitals & clinics

Emeric Lemaire

Co-founder & CEO

Corneliu Malciu

Co-founder & COO

Théo Ryffel

Co-founder & CTO

Poor data management has complicated the fight against the pandemic. To predict its development, all hospital and clinic databases would need to be aggregated in order to make them interoperable and usable. This was never possible yet the crisis has made it easier to acknowledge the importance of data accessibility.

It is important to know that healthcare institutions work with an average of ten software publishers. They collect data with their own storage formats. Handling this information becomes difficult, if not impossible. Thousands of hours of research and analysis are necessary.

More generally, the lack of interoperability hinders patient care, slows down the work of medical teams and complicates the tasks related to the management of healthcare institutions. It is easy to understand some of the delays in the fight against the virus.

Established in 2019, Arkhn is deploying 'data warehouses' within healthcare institutions. Data from different information systems are collected, cleaned and standardized. The access to the data is done via an interface (API). In concrete terms, the start-up markets an infrastructure that gives institutions back control over their data.>

Several beneficiaries:

Arkhn aims to become the technical foundation for the entire ecosystem. By providing access to the data warehouse, the company allows :

  • meet the internal needs of hospitals (data extraction, management, etc.),
  • Allow medical software publishers to reduce their deployment time and costs in institutions via an API,
  • to meet the needs of clinical research and AI players in the health sector who can use all the data in the network in a decentralized manner.

Why Arkhn? 

Arkhn has put together a team of exceptional experts trained at the best schools (Polytechnique, Centrale, ENS) led by Emeric Lemaire, Corneliu Malciu and Théo Ryffel. In order to make decentralized data exploitation possible, Arkhn develops solutions allowing remote access and training of AI algorithms without risking data confidentiality. The founders' involvement in the OpenMined network, an international open source project that does privacy preservation work in healthcare and finance, gives them a head start on these topics. 

The commercial beginnings are promising: the start-up has already signed with a dozen hospitals and clinics, some of which are among the most prestigious French institutions.


Newfund Investor: Anne-Sophie Nédellec