Mobile activity intelligence platform

Jonathan Kay

Founder & CEO

Did you know there was a strong correlation between the price of Bitcoin and the number of Coinbase downloads? Or that the number of daily sessions of sneakers marketplaces have surged from 1.2M to 1.6M during the last 15 days of April 2020? Those are the type of unique insights Apptopia provides daily to its clients, and why the company is the data source of choice for media companies like the New York TimesFortune, or CNN.

Using a proprietary database of 125K shared analytics accounts and machine learning to extrapolate metrics with a margin of error in the single digits, Apptopia positions itself as the most comprehensive mobile market intelligence platform. 

The insights provided by the company go beyond downloads, usage, retention and revenue. It displays the SDKs used by the app and the ads, forecasts future activity, analyses sentiment from reviews, optimizes keywords for a better visibility in the marketplace, etc.

Historically, Apptopia's clients are editors of mobile apps looking for information on their competitors and advertising platforms supporting their business development. Apple, Facebook, Google and Microsoft are all clients. It also had some investment firms, both in the private (Newfund is a heavy user) and public equity market.

In 2019, the company signed an exclusive channel partnership agreement with Bloomberg to provide insights to Bloomberg's clients. Via its API, Apptopia provides a data feed to hedge fund managers who now rely on real time activity information. Currently focused on enterprise clients, the solution will be available this Fall to any user of a Bloomberg terminal. 

Founded by Eliran Sapir and Jonathan Kay in 2011, Apptopia was initially a marketplace for mobile apps. The founders pivoted the business to mobile intelligence in 2015 and the company has steadily grown since.

Newfund first invested in Apptopia in October 2017. The company is based in Boston, MA.



Newfund investor: Henri Deshays